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Как работает прокат автомобилей в Дубае?
Как работает прокат автомобилей в Дубае?

Как работает прокат автомобилей в Дубае?

    The United Arab Emirates is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The modern history of the country began in 1971. Today it is among the 50 countries in the world in terms of living standards. Development was so rapid that it is often called the Arab economic miracle. A trip to Dubai, the largest city in the country, a deep-water port and the administrative center of the emirate of the same name, will help you get to know it. You don’t have to push in tourist lines if you choose a car trip. Especially if you have already mastered and fell in love with this way of rest. From the article you will learn what you need to rent a car in Dubai.

    Why rent a car?

    Premium car rental in Dubai is the key to a successful acquaintance with the country and its attractions. Already in the city you can see: Burj Khalifa, Gold Souk, Singing Fountain, Spice Market, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden, Global Village Fair and much more. Why should you choose to travel by car?

    1. Free movement. The United Arab Emirates are famous for their excellent roads. Smooth, multi-lane, safe regardless of the season. The country is in the top ten in terms of the quality of the roadway. Walking around is a real pleasure. This is evidenced by the real experience of renting a car in Dubai by travelers from different parts of the world.
    2. Good conditions. In addition to excellent roads, the UAE has cultured drivers. Here you will not meet an aggressive driving style. There are no drunk drivers here. Traffic rules are similar to most European countries, and also similar to Russian ones. Leaving the car in the parking lot, you risk nothing.
    3. Save time. Independent movement in Dubai is different from classical tourism. At the airport, you don’t have to wait for everyone staying at your hotel to get on the bus. You can see the sights at a comfortable time, and not only on excursions. Along the way, you do not need to stop by shopping centers and souvenir shops. But you can always stop on the beach to swim or watch the sunset.
    4. Comfortable parking network. The terms of car rental in Dubai do not include prepaid parking. The driver pays for them. There is no shortage of parking spaces in the city. There are also free parking lots. For example, in shopping malls. Find out about them at Skyluxecar – a company where you can rent a vehicle quickly and profitably.
    5. Wide car park. Dubai is made for luxury cars! Against the backdrop of skyscrapers and sandy haze, expensive cars look impressive. Skyluxecar offers vehicles of any type. SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, coupes, sedans, and for traveling in a large company there are vans.
    6. Saving money. Excursion tickets to the iconic places of the city are quite expensive. For example, a trip to Abu Dhabi will cost $70 per person. $280 for a family of four. And that’s just one route! Independent travel to the capital of the UAE is more economical. And cheap car rental in Dubai is not a dream, but a reality. How to do this, we will tell further.

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